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In an increasingly competitive real estate market, SIRY can help you maintain a competitive edge, build credibility, and establish yourself as a trusted advisor.

What is Should I Refinance Yet? (SIRY)

SIRY is a comprehensive analysis service that helps home owners:

  • Know what's happening with the market interest rates and what the trends are

  • Find out instantly what their key interest rate benchmarks are

  • Use our refinancing calculator to simulate various scenarios and see what their ideal situation looks like

  • See the breakeven point with closing costs, potential sell year, and other variables integrated into the calculation for accurate estimates

  • Receive updates on quarterly, monthly, or weekly-bases whether it's worth refinancing or not

What are my benefits?


Both the site experience and email notifications can be co-branded with your business branding so people know these are additional benefits you are providing

Extended CRM

By incorporating interest rates and refinancing into your CRM strategy, post-sale conversations and relationship management become easier

Credible advisor

By having a holistic approach to relationship management, it becomes easier to become a trusted source of real estate information and related financial knowledge

For a limited time, your clients can enjoy six months of premium features for free, thanks to you!


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